Why use Zener?

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Zener works with existing on-premise and public cloud architectures. Zener Software Defined Firewall offers increased security, increased speed, increased flexibility, reduced complexity, significant cost savings, and is highly scalable.

Zener adds an extra layer of security and allows for growth without adding expensive hardware costs, or increase in firewall complexity.

The broken perimeter

The traditional firewall philosophy of only protecting the perimeter and allowing traffic to flow freely once inside is broken. BYOD, public cloud and the myriad of APIs have effectively perforated the perimeter. What is needed is an additional layer of security from the inside. Enter SDF.

Segmentation based on automation

Zener makes it simple to model groups of Nodes in the network based on a variety of static and dynamic attributes. Quickly segment the infrastructure based on compliance (eg. PCI-DSS), security zones, level of business criticality, or down to single individual Nodes.

Bye-bye advanced TCAM tables, welcome simple SDFs

With Zener, NetOps no longer need to spend the majority of their time on port management, hindering the speed of the business. Allowing access to new applications, do phased roll-out of firewall changes and vastly simplify the amount of firewall rules while increasing security, becomes a reality with Zener.

Grow the business and IT infrastructure without the increased costs and complexity

Zener’s distributed SDF allows IT infrastructure to grow without adding hardware firewall costs. With Zener, local firewalls are already present on the new Nodes.

Traditionally, growth has been associated with ever more complex TCAM rules. No more. Zener automation allows IT infrastructures to grow and change at its own speed, while always ensuring that the correct local firewall rules are applied.

Proven by the likes of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

As spearheaded by the world’s fastest moving IT organizations, the flattening and commoditization of IT infrastructure has brought tremendous competitive advantages. Distributed SDF plays a cornerstone role in this new world. That’s why Zener was created.

Advantages of using Zener

As a next generation security tool that combines central automation with local enforcement, Zener offers several significant IT infrastructure advantages:

Increased security

Each node in the network will be protected, locally. Nodes can only talk to explicitly allowed nodes, filtered by protocols and soon to come APIs. Adversaries inside your network no longer have free access.

Increased speed

By replacing typical existing firewall bottlenecks with SDF, much higher bandwidth becomes possible. A 60G or maybe even a very expensive 100G firewall, can be replaced with multiple edge switches offering a much higher combined speed.

Increased flexibility

Traditional hardware firewalls only supports vertical scaling. Zener supports any kind of network topology. Zener offers easy, dynamic and fast network segmentation. Zener works in concert with automation allowing for running services where it makes the most sense, not restricted by the designated rack with the correct hard coded security policies.

Zener’s model based firewall service is the most scalable and flexible firewall solution available.

Significant cost savings

Traditional Firewall hardware is expensive. Extremely expensive. Software Defined Firewalls allow the move from investing in expensive single purpose hardware to running white label equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Savings in the range of millions of dollars arise by shifting to Software Defined Firewalls.

Increased Insights

Zener offers deep insight into IT infrastructure traffic, application flows and threat level. From this follows an increased understanding of the security measures and protection level. The simple pattern based ruleset of Zener reduces the complexity associated with translating high level policies to efficient security rules.


Zener supports supports fast business growth. Thanks to its built-in automation, as applications scale, move or get new features, security is automatically updated and rolled out accordingly.

A physical TCAM table means either paying for unused features, or being unable to grow as the business takes off. No longer worry about how many TCAM tables your firewall can handle tomorrow; Zener can handle them all!

The new network designs that Facebook, LinkedIn and similar companies have adopted depends on topologies growing and scaling horizontally. This is why we built Zener!

Zener automates the security and protection of your business, just the way it should.