What is Zener?

Zener is a distributed Software Defined Firewall (SDF) solution. Zener protects IT infrastructure at the Node level. Through automation Zener ensures that centrally defined model-based firewall rules are correctly generated, distributed and enforced. Zener makes it easy and fast to dynamically segment the network.

Increased security, reduced costs and complexity

Zener adds an extra layer of security in hybrid IT infrastructure. Zener allows for business growth without adding expensive hardware costs. Shift away from over complex TCAM tables to human friendly and simplified model-based, one-language firewall rules.

Proven by the likes of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

As spearheaded by the world’s fastest moving IT organizations, the flattening and commoditization of the datacenter has brought tremendous competitive advantages. Distributed SDF plays a cornerstone role in this new world. That is why Zener was created.


How it works

Easily define pattern-based network firewall rules using GUI, APIs or the CLI.

Individual firewall rules are automatically generated, distributed and enforced at Node level.

The Zener Insight Service provides detailed reports and analysis on the network state and data traffic.

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Firewall rules enforced locally

All rules are applied and enforced directly on the Node, by the Node.

Enforcing rules applicable only to the applications running on a specific node, greatly reduces the complexity of the ruleset. Rules are executed faster, cheaper, and most importantly it provides the security team greatly improved visibility to the network's security model.

Enables Zero Trust model

Zener denies all traffic by default. Only explicitly allowed traffic flows through.

By allowing all outbound traffic and analyzing all inbound traffic at each Node, it is now possible to deny all inbound traffic. Only explicitly allowed traffic will be granted access. This is the first step in applying a Zero Trust security model.

Powerful automation

Zener is powered by scalable and modelbased automation.

Automation powers a model-based Firewall ruleset that reduces the complexity, and ensures the correct rules are applied to new and existing nodes at all times. The setup can be static, or deeply integrated with other parts of your CI/CD process.

High performance that scales

No slowdown in performance, even at the scale of 100,000 servers.

By mindful use of stateless and stateful connections, combined with inbound filtering only, it has been proven that even at large scale there is no performance degradation by using SDF. Zener adds important security measures to new high-performing network segment topologies based on horizontal scaling.

Complete insights

One RESTful API and GUI for granular insights into the network.

Zener provides full transparency and insights both to the network status, traffic data, user access and work logs. With a single interface for defining all firewall rules that provides access- and version control, your team has complete control and can trace any change made in the network.

Open APIs

Integrate seamlessly with third party applications like CI/CD systems.

This streamlines the release process of new micro network segments, micro services and applications, and the communication between release management and house security becomes structured, efficient and error-free. Zener makes sure to apply the right firewall rules wherever applications run.

Why use Zener?

Zener SDF offers increased security, increased speed, increased flexibility, reduced complexity, significant cost savings, and is future-focused.

Zener works equally well with existing on-premise and public cloud architecture. Hassle free hybrid deployment. Immediate insight to your micro/nano network segments.

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Download our technical introduction to Zener. It explains how Zener is structured, how it works, and contains best practices for rolling out a distributed SDF solution.

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